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Truth Behind Fan-Favorite Biologique Recherche Fluide VIP O2

Now you are probably thinking, “oh, her favorite product must be the Lotion P50 1970”. And I don’t blame you for jumping to that conclusion. Most people you ask or Biologique Recherche reviews you will read online all rave about the series of different Lotion P50’s. There is no doubt that the exfoliating toner is the unofficial face of Biologique Recherche; it’s what differentiates the brand from its competitors and has catapulted the company to an all-time high. But back to MY favorite product. I truly believe that you haven’t tried Biologique Recherche until you have tried Biologique Recherche Fluide VIP O2.

What’s So Special About It and Do I Really Need It?

Biologique Recherche Fluide VIP O2 is like a little magic potion in a little blue bottle with a gold top. Do you know how Aladdin had his genie? Well, for me, Biologique Recherche’s genie is their Fluide VIP O2. If one of your wishes is beautiful, glowing skin, then you have found it in the form of Fluide VIP O2.

So, what is it…you’re probably wondering by now? This finishing serum one of BR’s arsenal. It is applied as the final step in your skincare routine. Finishing serums contain larger molecules than ordinary (quintessential) serums. The larger molecules help seal everything you apply onto your skin underneath (toner, serum, moisturizer), allowing for better penetration of the products into the skin.

The logic behind this is that as soon as you leave your house, you will go outside and be exposed to pollution and external aggressors. The finishing serum protects you from these outside attacks while simultaneously allowing for the products you use to work to maximum benefit.

Our Fluide VIP O2 Obsession

What’s the real reason I really, really love it? It’s a glow! Biologique Recherche Fluide VIP O2 finishing serum leaves me with an amazing glow, or as my friends and fellow Biologique Recherche obsessed followers say, “it’s the BR GLOW.” My skin is left beautifully dewy and nearly flawless after applying it. As someone who doesn’t wear foundation daily, this is a big deal for me.

I physically see the difference between when I apply it, and when I don’t. Even talking about it sparks a twinkle in my eyes and puts a smile on my face. I don’t know about you, but no other skincare product has ever done that for me. And I’m happy to say in this Biologique Recherche review why Fluide VIP O2 is my favorite product. And soon it will be yours too!