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You Deserve to Spa Like Socialites

Our mission is simple at Ciel Spa – we want to pamper your every need and create a remarkable relaxation experience that surpasses your every expectation. Dedicated to delivering a haven of serenity, Ciel Spa by Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness at the SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Beverly Hills, offers unique spa treatments with some of the best therapists in the world. Designed to indulge your every whim, our spa services include:

      • Facials
      • Massages
      • Body treatments
      • Endermologie
      • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
      • Couple’s treatments
      • Haircare
      • Makeup application
      • Waxing
      • Nail care

Ciel Spa has everything you need for a truly relaxing escape from reality. We invite you to indulge in our relaxation lounge, couples massage suite, over-sized experience showers, custom massage beds, and sip some champagne to treat yourself honestly! #spalikesocialites

Top Three LA Socialite Treatments

Ciel Spa offers a long list of signature services, but our top three treatments requested by socialites include triple lift treatment, p50 body polish, and algae detox treatment. Each of these treatments is beyond luxurious and makes you feel incredible.

1. Triple Lift Facial

This revolutionary triple treatment is the ultimate age-defying facial. The triple lift facial boosts cellular metabolism, gently exfoliates, hydrates, and tones the skin. It is the complete treatment to redefine, and plump facial volume like you have never experienced before.

2. P50 Body Polish

This exfoliating treatment releases dead skin cells and impurities. The composition of silk extracts, argan oil, and essential oil of cypress clarifies your skin’s complexion. The P50 body polish treatment concludes with applying a hydrating moisturizer that protects the skin from external toxins. As a result, your skin looks and feels luminous, soft, and renewed.

3. Algae Detox Treatment

The algae detox treatment stimulates an essential detoxifying process that eliminates toxins and excess water from your body. The benefits don’t just stop there; this treatment simultaneously soothes and relaxes muscles while also improving microcirculation. The concentration of energizing active ingredients and algae body wrap leaves your figure more balanced and your skin smoother.

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